Portfolio of Recent Contracts

Detailed below are a selection of contracts from the last few years highlighting the types of clients we’ve worked for and the services we have provided them with.

If you’d like to meet a client & their premises we’d be happy to arrange this where possible. This will give you the opportunity to view the quality of our work first-hand. Our clients are happy to recommend our services to others and we pride ourselves in meeting & exceeding a clients needs & requirements.

Client type Location Value Works undertaken Date
Solicitors Leeds £3.3k Solid partitioning to form corner offices Dec 2014
Electrical Services Bradford £10.2k Full height solid modules in SAA framework Dec 2014
Care Services Leeds £14.2k Full office refurbishment and strip out works Dec 2014
Civil Engineers Leeds £3.2k New Komfort Klassic partitioning with double glazed windows Dec 2014
Civil Engineering and Construction Morley £26.2k Full office refurbishment works, including the supply of new partitioning to form offices, window blinds, decoration works and forming new tea point Dec 2014
Security Manufacturers Bradford £34.9k Office partitioning over 2 floors, and industrial partitioning to the warehouse area Dec 2014
Recruitment Consultants York £8k Office dividing wall and 100mm sound barrier. Form 2 meeting rooms and a single glazed partition Nov 2014
Estate Agents Cleckheaton £18.2k 75mm office partitioning and frameless glass partitioning to form 6 office areas, 1 kitchen and 1 staff breakout area Nov 2014
Building Services Leeds £2.5k 50mm office partitioning to form dividing wall Nov 2014
Eyewear Supplier Harrogate £3.2k Solid partitioning in a 50mm system to form large office area Nov 2014
Home Care Services Leeds £7.7k Strip out works and supply and fit new 100mm office partitioning to form training and meeting room Nov 2014
Touchscreen Supplier Leeds £12.2k Frameless glass and office partitioning over 2 floors to form 5 areas, with a faceted glass feature with manifestation detail Oct 2014
Recruitment Consultants Shipley £21k Single glazed full height partitioning to form impressive reception area, and 3 office areas Oct 2014
Residential Builders Otley £3.8k Frameless glass within the buildings original timber framework Oct 2014
Freight Services Horsforth £19k Full office refurbishment works over 2 floors including new office partitioning, flooring works,electrical, plumbing and new office furniture Sep 2014
Security Systems Provider Wetherby £2.7k 50mm white warehouse partitioning to form a store room area Sep 2014
Budget Airline Leeds 27k Solid and glass partitioning to form 2 large meeting rooms and 4 office areas on the 7th floor Sep 2014
Specialist Equipment Provider Wakefield £14.1k Office partitioning in RAL 5010 forming 1 Boardroom and 3 Meeting rooms Sep 2014
Lingerie Manufacturer Cleckheaton £4.8k Install warehouse partitioning to form practical working space and install new suspended ceiling Aug 2014
Products Manufacturer Leeds £82.5k Full office refurbishment works over 2 floors with office partitioning, flooring works, new suspended ceiling, office and reception furniture, new kitchen and electrical and plumbing works Aug 2014
Law Firm Leeds £9.1k Half glazed and solid 100mm partitioning to form 2 office areas, 1 meeting room and 1 store room Aug 2014
Solicitors Leeds 2.6k Double glazed glass partitioning with blinds to form corner office Aug 2014
Fire Protection Installers Shipley 3.7k New suspended ceiling and window boards Aug 2014
Travel Agents Leeds £11.7k Full dilapidation works, including redecoration of all interior walls and exterior shop front Aug 2014
Budget Airline Leeds £2.3k New ceiling tiles and carpet tiles Jul 2014
Electrical Products Castleford £58k Office fit-out works including new air-conditioning, electrical, new office partitioning, window boards, suspended ceiling, flooring and plumbing works Jul 2014
3D Printing Burnley £14k Toughened frameless glass partitioning forming production area, reception area and boardroom Jun 2014
Website Design Leeds £2.4k Alterations to the existing partitioning and strip out works Jun 2014
High Performance Cutting Tools Leeds £4.8k Full height frameless glass to form corner office with a full height frameless glass door Jun 2014
Facilities Management Stokesley £3.9k Solid and glass partitioning to form server room, boardroom and quiet room Jun 2014
Chemical Distribution Stourton £10.8k Form dividing wall in solid and glazed partitioning. Install new suspended ceiling and new 75mm office partitioning May 2014
Solicitors Hull £8.1k 2 large meeting rooms in frameless glass partitioning with opal frost manifestation May 2014
Cleaning Services Killingbeck £7.5k Glazed screens forming 3 office areas May 2014
Financial Services Bradford £12.5k Alteration works including full decoration and the supply and lay of new carpet tiles May 2014
Charity Doncaster £6.2k Strip out existing partitioning and re-arrange to suit new office layout May 2014
Transport Specialist Halifax £3.6k New office partitioning with double glazed modules to form a training area May 2014
Catering Equipment Batley £5.5k Solid office partitioning in black framework with white laminate skirting Apr 2014
Architect Leeds £2.8k Glazed partitioning with a full height glass door Apr 2014
Property Management Scarborough £15.5k Glass partitioning with a sliding glass door and full height single glass doors forming 5 offices Apr 2014
Bike Store Harrogate £4.1k New full height 50mm partitioning to form bike store shop front Apr 2014
Self Storage Wetherby £4.7k Alterations to the existing ground floor partitioning and install new suspended ceiling Apr 2014
Research Consultants Leeds £1.3k Frameless glazed partitioning modules with manifestation detail applied Apr 2014
Radio Scarborough £2.6k Grey 50mm office partitioning and decoration works Mar 2014
Automotive Maintenance Leeds £35k Full office fit out over 2 floors including new partitioning, flooring works, suspended ceiling works, electrical and air-conditioning works Mar 2014
Web Design Hull £11.5k Solid curved dividing wall forming a studio area, with frameless glass partitioning forming informal meeting room and boardroom Mar 2014
Budget Airline Yeadon £36k Full carpet and vinyl works.Alterations to the existing partitioning with the supply of fire rated partitioning Mar 2014
Finance Warrington £28k New office partitioning, new kitchen area, electrical and plumbing works and the supply of office furniture Feb 2014
Freight Services Leeds £6.9k Install of 75mm office partitioning underneath a mezzanine floor Feb 2014
Marketing Specialists Sheffield £14k Strip out existing partitioning and supply new glazed office partitioning Jan 2014
Manufacturing Solutions Shipley £10k Full height framed glass partitioning forming 2 meeting rooms Jan 2014
Computer Software Huddersfield £19.5k Office partitioning in Grey framework forming 2 workshops and a technician area Dec 2013
Audio Skipton £3.2k Frameless glass partitioning to form a secure display with manifestation dots Dec 2013
Computer Repair Castleford £4.6k Partitioning and electrical works to the workshop area Dec 2013
Budget Airline Leeds £35.7k Half glazed partitioning to the corridor with sound rated partitioning to the dividing walls. New contract heavy loop pile carpet tiles laid. Nov 2013
Gym Horsforth £6.6k Form new meeting room, office, beauty room, toilet, changing room, shower area to include moisture resistant boards Nov 2013
Serviced Offices Tadcaster £5.4k Supply and install fire rated doors to existing corridor and offices Oct 2013
Business Centre Otley £7k 50mm framed partitioning system Oct 2013
Solicitors Leeds £5.6k Alterations to existing Komfort Polar partitioning Oct 2013
Serviced Offices Tadcaster £27.8k New partitioning forming new offices and meeting room with half glazed partitioning Sep 2013
Digital Print Company Huddersfield £11.8k Refurbishment to existing wall linings, suspended ceiling and new floor paint applied Sep 2013
Dental Surgery Selby £4.8k Frameless glass forming corridor and surgery Sep 2013
Recruitment Horsforth £2.6k Partitioning works to the ground floor Aug 2013
Digital Print Company Huddersfield £38k Air conditioning, electrical, suspended ceiling, carpets, decoration, external window blinds, worktop & desk dividers, chairs and pedestals Aug 2013
Kitchen Manufacturer Bradford £5.2k Strip out existing partitioning and relocate Jul 2013
Security Leeds £55.2k Fire doors, electrical systems, emergency lighting, signs and displays, carpets, blinds, demountable partitioning Jul 2013
County Council Malton £24.3k 30 min fire rated demountable partitioning Jul 2013
Design Company Horsforth £4.7k Office partitioning with sound insulation above ceiling. Alterations to lighting & new electrical sockets Jun 2013
Social Care Home Provider Scarborough £3.7k Alterations to existing timber partitioning Jun 2013
Digital Print Company Huddersfield £33.6k L-shaped partitioning, suspended ceiling, air conditioning, electrical works May 2013
Financial Recruitment Brighouse £12.5k Supply and fit office furniture including full height storage walls May 2013
Manned & Monitored Security Leeds £24k Strip out of existing partitioning, fixtures and fitting, place in our skip. Supply & fit wall linings and suspended ceilings. May 2013
County Council Malton £13k Stud walling with sound bloc walls and plastering May 2013
Computer Company Durham £13.5k Sound proof office partitioning including glazed screens Apr 2013
Audio Visual Hull £6.3k Frameless glass partitioning forming show area Apr 2013
Fleet Hire Leeds £12.9k Fire rated office partitioning to first floor mezzanine level Apr 2013
Solicitors Leeds £3.2k Emergency lighting tests, PAT testing Mar 2013
Church Milton Keynes £5.2k Strip out existing partitioning and skip Mar 2013
Accountants Horsforth £3.5k Alterations to existing partitioning Feb 2013
Research Company Leeds £3.8k Office partitioning to form meeting rooms Feb 2013
Air Conditioning Company London £3.4k Office refurbishment works including strip out existing partitioning, painting, supply & fitting carpet tiles Jan 2013
Appliance Provider Castleford £15k Sound rating office partitioning with manifestation film. Office furniture in Walnut finish, office chairs & storage units Jan 2013
Main Building Contractor Bradford £14k Supply and fit office partitioning to form meeting room/breakout kitchen area, with single half glazed modules Dec 2012
Internet Service Provider Bradford £26k Installing two double glazed glass wall partitions , along with sound proof 100mm partitioning & modern office kitchen Nov 2012
Specialist in Sound Equipment Hull £4.9k Supply and fit glass partitioning to the sales area Nov 2012
Digital Print Company Leeds £8.7k Alterations to existing partitioning, supply and fit new suspended ceiling Nov 2012
Digital Printing Company Bradford £16k Supply and fit office storage walls Oct 2012
Building Company Leeds £9.7k Office partitioning including double glazed with blinds to the first floor mezzanine area Oct 2012
Jet 2 Leeds £13k Out of hours alterations to existing partitioning Sep 2012
Software trading provider Bradford £21k Sound reduction office fire rated partitioning install including extra wide door sets at 926mm in Ash. Full height fire rated glazing with laminate grey skirting. Sep 2012
Printing company Leeds/Bradford £22k Alterations to existing partitions, dismantle and re-erect office storage walls, strip out existing partitioning and relocate within the Bradford office. Sep 2012
Jet2 Leeds £3.8k Alterations to existing corner meeting room partitioning and reinstalling on the first floor. Works carried out over the space of a weekend. Aug 2012
Light House School Leeds £4.8k Supply and install frameless glass partitioning with manifestation design using the schools logo. Aug 2012
Prism Medical UK Wakefield £13k Office refurbishments including new partitioning installed – aluminium framework in blue. Alterations to existing reception area. Jul 2012
Housing provider Wakefield £18k Strip out existing partitions, lift and replace existing carpet, decoration to existing external walls and electrical and plumbing works. Jul 2012
Solicitors Leeds city centre £6.5k Refurbishments to existing frameless glass partitioning to include full height glass doors. All works carried out over the space of three weekends. Jul 2012
Leeds Advocacy, (Adult learning) Leeds £9.5k Meeting room partitioning with additional sound proofing to the dividing walls. Electrical works included. Jun 2012
Removals company Halifax £18k Fire rated office partitioning with full height double glazed modules in clear fire glass. Venetian blinds within the cavity. Jun 2012
Chemical Company Bradford £26k New office partitioning with framework in grey, solid and glazed modules, door sets in ash with satin stainless steel door furniture. Jun 2012
Market Research Company Leeds £38k New partitions including two way glass, office furniture supplied including corner tambour units in white, electrical and data installation. May 2012
Digital Design Company Harrogate £19.5k Meeting rooms using glass partitioning with blinds. May 2012
Solicitors Leeds City Centre £18k Refurbishment to existing partitioning including electrical and carpet works. Sliding moveable wall in Maple finish. Work carried outside of normal hours. May 2012
Business Support Huddersfield £17k Glass walls and partitioning Apr 2012
Training Provider Wakefield £42k Install 2 moveable walls finished in Maple and completely new office partitioning throughout. Electrical power points installation, lighting alterations and data outlets fitted. Apr 2012
Solicitors Leeds £7k Install frameless glass and apply frosted film of company's logo to office fronts. All work carried out at weekends when the office was closed to minimise disruption. Apr 2012
Manufacturing Harrogate £7k Office fit out to sales office including supply and fitting of carpets and office furniture. Mar 2012
Kitchen Supplier Dewsbury, West Yorkshire £2.5k Office refurbishment to small sales office including solid partitions and Maple doors. Mar 2012
Solicitors Leeds £14k Alterations to existing furniture by our bespoke joinery department allowing case files to be secured on a evening. Feb 2012
Murgatroyds Fish Restaurant Yeadon, West Yorkshire £13k Wipe clean suspended ceilings in the form of white laminate planks at 5m in length. Work done outside of normal working hours. Feb 2012
SIG Group Bradford £4.5k Two offices to the first floor using solid and glass partitioning with 50mm slab insulation to the walls. Jan 2012
Dental Surgery Leeds £2,600 Full height glass sliding door to create an interview room in the reception area. Jan 2012