Frameless glass partitioning: a high quality solution for your office

At Rodley Interiors we are experts in installing quality partitioning products to enhance your workspace.

Frameless glass officeOne of the most popular partitioning systems we install throughout Leeds and West Yorkshire is frameless glass partitioning. The majority of our clients choose to install this system to help create a more productive environment for staff.

Frameless glass is the ideal solution when dividing your office space. With the allowance for maximum light and high aesthetic appeal you can be sure to ‘wow’ your customers and staff with this system. Frameless glass partitioning is easy and clean to install and ensures for minimum disruption to your office.

The glass panels can be installed whilst staff are still working. The glazing is fitted with dry joints to allow for a seamless look along the wall.

Take at a selection of our projects where we installedManifestation detail frameless glass partitioning;

Each frameless glass office will legally require a form of frosting applied to suit DDA requirements. This doesn’t mean this has to be the standard frosted dots, this can be anything you like. Our clients often ask for a company design or logo to be applied this can even be in colour if required. Manifestation film is a fantastic way to add appeal to your office whilst still maintaining the feel of light.

If you like our clients above are based in Leeds or West Yorkshire and are thinking framless glass partitioning may be the solution for you then do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call today on 0113 2819595.