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timber partitioning with part and full frame glazed sections

For an elegant, luxurious finish and visually appealing, natural feel it doesn't get much better than Timber Partitioning, be it solid wood or the more economical veneer finished MDF.  There are several systems going by different names depending on the supplier: Legno, Klassic, Scion, System 5000.

Good for many business areas including receptions, conference facilities, executive suites and board rooms or a general office environment.  A non-load bearing reloadable wood system offers all the benefits of other partitioning systems but with timber faced trims, glazing sections, door frames and skirting.  This makes them easy to install and then relocate in any office refurbishments.

Favourite choices of wood are Cherry, Ash, Oak, Beech and Maple for the partitioning sections with doors in matching veneer.  All our timber partitioning systems use wood from sustainable, managed forests.

Wood Samples for Timber Partition

Vision panels to the doors, as with other systems, can be of almost any shape or size to conform to building regulations and fire officer/DDA requirements.

Acoustic performance on solid timber partitioning:
• Solid modules (standard construction): Up to 52 dB
• Glazed modules (standard construction): Up to 40 dB
• Door modules (standard solid core door): Up to 30 dB

Fire performance for timber partitioning:
• Solid modules: Up to 60 minute fire rating
• Glazed modules: Up to 57 minute fire rating in both offset single & double glazed applications
• Door modules: Up to 57 minute fire rating