Benefits of a Frameless Glass Partitioning system

Frameless Glass Partitioning

The benefits of frameless glass partitioning are

  • Allows you to flood the office with natural light.
  • Attractive and stylish appearance.
  • Double and single glazed options.
  • Quick and clean to install.
  • Minimum disruption to your office environment.
  • Framework profiles can be any finished in any colour to suit your office.
  • 10mm or 12mm thickness of glass options depending on your ceiling height.
  • Doors can standard height with a glass over panel or full height, floor to ceiling.
  • Door furniture can be finished in satin stainless steel or polished steel.
  • Closers can fitted for the doors into the floor if required.
  • Locks can be fitted at normal height or at floor level.
  • Your company logo / design can be fitted to the glass in any colour or shade with the manifestation frosting.

Overall one of the best glass office partitioning systems that’s available today. more popular following office refurbishments as from your office looking tired and dated this glass partitioning system transforms your office into a modern office environment for both your staff and your clients.  its a fact that your staff are more productive when they are working within a office with as much day light as possible. if you want your staff with a feel good factor all day think about refurbishing your office and install some frameless glass !!!