Help with your office move

Are you thinking of moving offices?

Here’s our handy free guide to help your office move go as smoothly as possible – what you need to know and things to be aware of.  Of course Rodley Interiors can handle all aspects of moving office for you.  We also have a wide range of office fitout services and can provide new furniture & storage solutions.

Lets look at why you’re moving:
Have you out-grown your existing office? Perhaps it just needs some space planning? Can your existing office partitioning be reconfigured to utilise the office space better?

If you still need to move, here are the things that you will need to think about:

Finding the correct office space at the right price has to be the first thing. We can help you do this, we work closely with the major commercial letting agents within the Yorkshire region including Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and Harrogate.

When you find your office space the next step is space planning to ensure that you maximise the available space.

It’s likely you’ll need building control approval from your local council planning office if you’re changing the layout.

Office Furniture

If you’re buying new office furniture, consider:

  • How many desks and chairs you need?
  • Will these be single desks, do they need to be in pairs, in a pod of four together or a larger number?
    • some businesses have desks in larger configurations if the staff work within the same team and need to closely interact with each other.
  • Do you require new chairs or are you bringing your existing ones with you?
    • many members of staff often like their own chair that they have set-up to suit them.
  • What do you need in the way of office storage?
    • Full height storage units offer the ideal solution as they make use of all the floor space available.

Additional Requirements

  • What are your requirements for additional power and data sockets?
  • Are the existing incoming telephone lines enough for your requirements?
    • to increase the number of lines is often up to 4-6 weeks with BT
  • Do you need a separate server room built with office partitioning?
  • Will the existing lighting suit the new layout?
  • Does the building have air conditioning? Will you need it in your sever room if nowhere else?
    • air conditioning is often the item that doesn’t get installed due to cost
  • Floor coverings i.e. carpet tiles, are often laid as standard, you will need non slip flooring within any kitchen and tea point areas.
  • The existing fire alarm system will probably be needed to be adapted to suit the new office layout.

New Partitioning

What about office partitions? Will you need meeting and board rooms?  Partitions help divide the workspace up into smaller rooms, often managers & directors have their own office with glass partitioning allowing them to oversee their staff.

The costs can vary depending on which system you choose. We offer a wide range and will be able to supply & fit any office partitions to suit your budget.

Corner meeting room with glass partitioning.

Planning your move

Planning your date for moving is important in order to minimise the down-time for your business. You will need an office removal company that are able to come and move all your furniture & equipment safely, quickly then deliver & install it in your new premises.

We’d be happy to give you a free quotation for any aspect of moving office. We have over 20 years experience with many happy customers throughout Leeds and Yorkshire.

Glass partitions forming board room

Glass partitions forming board room.