Maximising an awkward pitched roof office space


What type of office partitioning would look good in this Leeds office?

The skylights allow the office to be flooded with natural sunlight so our layout would be arranged to make the most of this.

Because of the high ceiling the best partition system for this office would be the 75mm stud & track system, the plaster boards can easily be cut to suit the trickier shapes around the ceiling supports.

The joints can be dry lined, finished with tape and sanded smooth to allow for painting, we’d go with a Matt White paint.

White aluminium door frames would match the existing framework and a white laminate skirting finish would set it off nicely.

Advantages of this style of office and partitioning system are:

  Bright and modern feel to the the office and yet still doesn’t lose the character of the building with the office partitioning works.

Problems to bear in mind with this style of office are:

Limited usage of the perimeter walls due to angle of the pitched roof.

Would be limited to use the areas for presentations due to the client not easily being able to block out the daylight.

Does your office look like this?