Free guidance on what’s involved for office refurbishment.

Even during the recession businesses in Leeds are still investing their money in an office refurbishment.
As the cost of office space and the solicitor’s costs involved for relocating increases, particularly within  Leeds City Centre, more & more companies are staying in their existing offices and refurbishing. There is a free quotation service for companies looking to maximise their existing office space from Rodley Interiors.

We offer many services relating to refurbishments. To work out what’s involved requires asking the right questions. Let’s look at your existing office space:

  • What are your requirements for staff numbers?
  • Are you looking for a complete refurbishment or just a lick of paint on the walls and rearranging the office furniture?
  • What are your requirements for partitioning?
  • Do you need any new rooms – meeting rooms or a board room?
  • Is your kitchen area modern?
  • Is it fitted with an instant hot water boiler to help cut down on waiting (talking) time for staff making a brew?
  • Has your office lighting being updated to include the latest low energy LED fittings?
    • These are more economical to run, friendlier on the environment, up to 5 times brighter than traditional light bulbs and use 80% less power to run – the benefits speak for themselves against the cost of changing

Refurbishment work in Leeds office.
Office refurbishment products.
Office refurbishment materials

  • Office Chairs. Do you have any members of staff that suffer with bad backs at work?
    • It could be because of seating posture, computer screen position, chair height, keyboard positions and general desk layout. We can offer a free office chair ergonomic survey that includes seat height, seat width & depth, lumber support, back rest and seat material – helping to minimizes your staffs days off sick with a bad back.
  • Office decorations can be spruced up to offer a more pleasant and modern working environment
  • Floor coverings – do they need changing?
    • We can change them fairly cheaply and the office kitchen & toilet flooring can be changed for non slip safety flooring.
  • Office Heating – is it warm enough?
    • It should be at least 16 degrees Celsius, any colder and your staff will be uncomfortable and not working to their full potential. They’ll also be talking amongst themselves complaining how cold it is in the office and not talking work related issues!  Do you need your existing air-conditioning serviced, are you running your office as efficiently as you could be?

We always recycle all the products that are removed during your office refurbishments in line with our Environmental Policy.

If any of the points above are of interest to your company within Leeds or the surrounding areas please call for a free quotation and site survey.