Types of Office Partition Walls

Office walls come in many styles, colours and finishes depending on your requirements and budget.

Do you need visibility between the offices? If so you need to be thinking about glass partitioning. There are many options ranging from the framed aluminium systems to the stylish frameless glass walls.

The glazed framed partitioning systems, which are all available as fire rated if required, offer multiple choices for the glass profiles ranging from:

  • Full height glass – floor to ceiling
    • This choice allows for full visibility through the partitioning, all the natural light from the external windows is able to flood into the room.
    • If privacy is required glass frosting can be added.
    • They can be double-glazed with a blind fitted within the cavity of the glass or if single-glazed with the glass offset so the blind can be fitted within the bevel.
  • Half glazed / half solid
    • This style with a solid partition wall below (normally up to 1000mm from the floor level) allows for desks and small storage units to be neatly placed against both sides of the wall therefore maximising your office space.
    • There is also the option of having a solid wall to door head height then the glass above – this lets light into the room but still offers total privacy.
  • Solid / glass / solid option
    • This still allows for the office desks and storage at low level with glazed partitioning above (normally to door head height).  Here the glazing stops in line with the top of the door frame with solid partitioning completing the panel up to the suspended ceiling.

Frameless Option Benefits

  • Offers full visibility within the office.
  • Stylish and modern looking.
  • You can apply a frosting to the glass in any style or colour to suit your company logo / image

Solid office walls offer the following benefits:

  • Total privacy between the offices.
  • Great sound reduction as the dividing walls and can be up to 100mm thick with four layers of plaster boards within the partition.
  • Noise reduction can also be increased by adding insulation quilt or a slab form to the cavity between the plaster boards.
  • Plaster boards are also available at sound-block grade to help reduce the Decibel Rating even more.
  • All  solid partitioning modules can be fire rated if required.

Additional work that can be carried out to aid with the sound reduction between the offices:

  • Sound insulation quilt can be laid on top on the suspended ceiling creating a barrier to help prevent the sound travelling into the ceiling void and down into the office next door.
  • A sound barrier can be fitted under the floor below the line of the partitioning.
  • Partitioning can be built above the partition in the ceiling void to aid with the sound reduction.


 How office partitioning walls have changed over the years

Office walls used to be built using timber studs with plaster boards nailed on and then finished with plaster.  It was not possible to relocate the office walls with this partitioning system as they had to be dismantled by breaking the plaster boards off the stud work.  This is not only time consuming but untidy and messy within your office. Today’s office wall dividers can be easily & cleanly taken down and relocated within your building.  No mess, no noise, no dust –  just the right product in the right place.

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