Lets talk about: Free Standing Office Partitioning

High ceiling workspaces that require a partitioned office area don’t need the walls to reach all the way up thanks to free-standing partitioning.

Tall interiors are usually found in the industrial sector, particularly in warehouses, where typically a supervisors office or staff break-out area is required.  Building floor to ceiling rooms would be costly, it’d block out light and make the whole workspace feel smaller.

Their other application is as free standing screens or office walls.  As found behind reception to partially hide the office from the public but without claustrophobic feel of a full height wall.

Benefits of free standing partitioning are:

  • They suit many areas within the workplace including warehouses, normal office space, reception & waiting areas, wash rooms and break out areas.
  • They can still be constructed of plaster boards with any style of finish as per a normal office wall.
  • That glass partitioning can be included within the wall (both single and double glazed).
  • That the wall can be straight or curved to suit the layout of the space.
  • They don’t restrict the flow of air from the air conditioning units within the ceiling grid.
  • They make excellent feature walls:
    • Behind the reception desk to mask the remaining office space
    • To mask printers and fax machines
    • that can be curved and finished with the company branding
  • That suspended ceilings can be installed inside a fully free standing room.

If you’re considering a free standing office for your warehouse or a feature wall for your office or any sort of partitioning then we can offer you free advice.  Our quotes are free and we can help with any aspect of office refurbishment and fit out.


 The photographs below show a large free standing office under construction. This includes:
  • Free standing office partitioning to a height of 3000mm
  • MDF sheets added to the lower sections to protect the walls from damage
  • Suspended ceiling in a 25mm white grid with Dano 600x600mm style ceiling tiles.
  • Air conditioning: x2 10kW ceiling cassettes
  • 600x600mm T5  lights including emergency fittings

600x600mm Dano style ceiling tiles

Office partitioning with MDF boards fitted

Office walls with tape and fill to the joints.

Formed openings for the single glazed windows

Formed openings for the single glazed windows

Partition fixer at work!

Laser line for levelling boards highlights the uneven floor.

Laser line for levelling boards highlights the uneven floor.