10 things to know about office partitioning

When it comes to creating the right working environment for you and your staff, office partitioning can play a huge factor in this. Partitioning can better utilise the available space and transform your office into a welcoming and efficient place to work.

Here are our 10 things to know about office partitioning which may help you and your business!

  1. Cost

    It may not be as expensive as you think. There are a range of partitioning systems to suit any budget and brief.

  2. Financing

    Rodley Interiors can offer financing your project removing the need for a large capital outlay that your business may not be able to fund in one huge payment. By leasing the project you are able re-pay the cost monthly – after all we all know cash flow is king in business!

  3. Appeal

    First impressions are everything in the working world, having the right reception/waiting area/seating area can mean the close of a deal or not! There are many of ways to refurbish the entrance to your office showing clients (and potential clients)  how professional your company is.

  4. Productivity

    Dividing your office space using partitioning can alter the way your staff go about their day to day workings. Using a partitioning system such as frameless glass to create divisions allows natural light into each office making the area feel open and bright. After all happy workers are productive workers!

  5. Aesthetics

    Office partitioning systems have progressed over the years making office divisions look modern and fresh. Using full height glazing or movables walls can give your office the update it has always needed.

  6. Minimal Disturbance

    Office partitioning is a dry trade, therefore there is minimal dust and dirt whilst the partitions are being fixed. Allowing your staff to work comfortably alongside our fixers.

  7. Keeping The Theme

    If you are thinking about adding new partitions alongside your existing partitioning, Rodley Interiors can assure they do not look out of place. Keeping the style of the office the same new divisions can be added ensuring the whole office area looks uniform.

  8. Utilising Space

    If  your business is expanding and you need more working space for your staff, re-adjusting the layout of your partitioning may be the answer. The partitions we install are demountable so at any stage these can be rearranged to suit your new needed layout.

  9. Keeping Unwanted Ears At Bay

    If you are worried that your conversations may be heard through your office partitioning adding insulation or installing SoundBloc plasterboards will ensure your discussions stay private. This is especially important when you are wanting to hold meetings.

  10. Reduce Your Energy Bills

    Different types of partitioning offer different benefits. Using frameless glass throughout will let natural light filter in reducing the need to switch your office lights on. Solid partitioning, especially if it is insulated, will lessen the need to turn on the heating – heat stays in and cold air stays out!

Still looking for answers on office partitioning? Speak to our friendly team on 0113 281 9595. With over 20 years experience within the partitioning industry there is no problem we cannot solve!