Full height frameless glass project within East Yorkshire.

Rodley Interiors were approached by a solicitors firm within East Yorkshire, to carry out a full height frameless glass project at there new premises in Hull.

The brief for the installation project was to divide the 1250 square foot area forming 2 offices using  frameless glass and glass doors. The client was originally usnure whether using frameless would stretch there budget a little, however after seeing the quotation the price was less then first imagined.

The firm requested a quick turn around time to be moved in within 4-8 weeks with all the works fully completed.

Full height frameless glass.

Full height frameless glass.

Full height frameless glass installation process

The glazing panels were installed using dry silicone jointing making the joints between the glazing look neat and tidy.

The installation progress including fixing the wall abutment channels and head channels in white and fixing the floor channels in grey,  the openings were then measured for the glass to be installed.

As you can see using a glazing system like this has allowed natural light into the whole office , ensuring the area looks open and inviting.

10mm toughened glass project.

10mm toughened glass project.

Manifestation flims applied to the full height frameless glass

In discussions with the client it was decided to have the company logo in manifestation frosted film to the front of each glazing module to comply with DDA requirements and to individuality to the office area.

The frosted film also adds a little privacy to the area.

Once the size and style of the logo was agreed the manifestation films were applied.


Manifestation frosted film.

Manifestation frosted film.

The project was completed well within the dates requested by the client with a quick and professional installation by Rodley Interiors.

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