Double glazed partitions with blinds project in Leeds City Centre.

Double glazed partitions with blinds

Double glazed partitions with blinds are a prefect way to modernise your office area, whilst adding a sense of privacy by fixing blinds within the cavity of the glassGlass partitioning can be beneficial to your workplace as it allows natural sunlight  to flood into your offices, improving your staffs day to day mood, and productivity.

We have recently completed a partitioning project  for a Solicitors firm in Leeds City Centre. The project was to form 2 offices, 1 meeting room and a store room area, using half double glazed partitions with blinds. As the project was in the basement area, by installing glazing modules was the best option to allow the area look open and bright.

The 2 office areas were surrounded by natural light as we installed 3 half double glazed modules in each room.

The blinds we installed were 25mm solid slat  in White, with a blind control to adjust the angle of the blinds depending on how much privacy is required in the room.

Double glazed partitions with blinds

Partitioning installation in Leeds.

100mm solid partitioning

As you can see the project also includes solid partitioning modules in 100mm up to a meter high, with 2 skins of plasterboard to each side of the 50mm stud which ensures sound travel is kept to a minimum, diminishing any disturbance in the office areas.


Glazing profile- Half glazed

There are many benefits of choosing to install half glazed modules within your office area;

  • Furniture, desks and storage can be stacked up to the wall on both sides.
  • Office still benefits from natural daylight coming in.
  • Offers a good balance for privacy.
  • Power and data sockets can be fitted within the solid section.


If you are looking for guidance on which glazing option would suit your office area, call us today for free help and advice!