Office flooring options

Here is our guide to help you choose the best flooring to suit your office area.

Carpet Tiles

We have recently fitted a project in Leeds with carpet tiles. It was a large area so breaking the flooring up by choosing 2 different shades of carpet tiles was the most aesthetically pleasing. The 2 different shades of carpet tiles were laid in a chequerboard pattern to make a feature of the room. We contemplated different office flooring options such as a blue carpet tile to match the company corporate colours, however the grey shades worked well on both floors. They also complimented the walnut doors making the area look warm and inviting.

Office flooring options

Carpet fitters in West Yorkshire.

Checkerboard carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles laid chequerboard style.

When we carried out full office fit out project for CATA, choosing the right flooring was key to ensure the area met the clients requirements. Due to the colour of the furniture we provided and the cleanliness look of the area a black and grey fine stripe carpet tile worked perfectly.

Mixing flooring materials

Differentiating parts of your office can be easily achieved by choosing different office flooring options. As you can see below the reception area is segregated off with hardwood flooring from the offices which have blue carpet tile, giving a wow factor to clients as they enter the area.

Reception area flooring

Reception area flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Corridors that are used daily can easily look worn and tired after time, so using vinyl is a good way to keep the area looking fresh. Our below project in Leeds did just that by using a wood effect non-slip vinyl that matches the carpet tiles in the offices. This colour also ties in well with the partitioning RAL 7012 framework colour.

Walkway vinyl leading to carpet tiles in the office areas.

Corridor non-slip vinyl leading to carpet tiles in the office areas.

If you are wanting to add a feature to your office using different carpet tiles is an easy way to catch the eye. On our project below 2 different carpet shades were used to form curves on the floor. The carpet tiles were pinstriped so the tiles forming the curves had the stripe going at a different angle.

Carpet tiles forming a feature throughout the office.

Carpet tiles forming a feature throughout the office.