Benefits of installing Warehouse Partitioning

We visit numerous clients who tell us their business requires more space for more staff. If you and your employees are already packed in like sardines in your current workspace and you wish to expand your business have you thought about installing partitioning in your Warehouse area?

  • By installing Warehouse Partitioning you can utilise the space you already have, without the hassle of moving to a larger office space.
  • The partitioning can be installed with additional sound proofing qualities to reduce noise reduction from the Warehouse.
  • Warehouse Partitioning allows for privacy and a separate working environment for key personnel.
  • The Warehouse Partitioning can be installed with glazed modules allowing natural in.
  • Warehouse Partitioning can be built on a mezzanine floor area, utilising the floor space below.

One of our current Warehouse Partitioning projects

We are currently undertaking a large project in Leeds which requires offices being formed within a Warehouse area. The client is utilising their current warehouse space to help the expansion of there offices. We are installing office partitioning to form 2 working environments .

The partitioning specification includes 10 full height double glazed modules with 25mm solid slat blinds within the cavity of the glass, solid partitioning modules for acoustic purposes and drylining modules to the external walls.

We are also fitting Ash single doors sets with vision panels at 150mm x 1500mm in clear glass with solid partitioning above.

Here are some images of the works in progress:

Warehouse area ready for partitioning install.Warehouse PartitioningFramework installed ready for the double glazed modules.Openings formed ready for Ash doors to be fitted.

If you are looking for offices in your Warehouse area why not take a look at our Warehouse and Industrial Partitioning gallery for inspiration!