White laminate office partition doors

We have recently completed an attractive office partitioning project in Birstall. The 75mm partitioning project features a main key element, laminate door sets. Making this an alluring and exciting project

75mm white partitioning.

75mm white office partitioning

The install forming 2 office areas was built using 75mm white office partitioning, with glazing to the office fronts. The clean look of the white partitioning suited the feel of the company well and offered a professional and practical working area.

Long vision panels in white office door sets.

White laminate door sets

The main feature of the project was the install of White laminate office partition doors. The common choice of door sets is a wood effect finish, such as an Ash veneer or and an Oak veneer. With this project the client requested mirroring the high-spec and clean look of the partitioning, so installing white laminate doors was the ideal choice.

Adding an extra visual quality the doors were fitted with an Oak lipping around the vision panel and the around the edge of the door.  With long vision panels fitted with clear laminate glass the doors certainly looked a feature.


Half height glazingHalf height glazed office partitioning module.

By installing half-height glazing modules enabled a generous amount of light into the offices whilst also adding a sense of privacy.

The white 25mm solid slat partition blinds fitted within the cavity of glazing could be control depending on the level of light and privacy required. The control was fitted to the inside of the office in the partition framework.

Partitioning office front in White.


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