Refurbishment project within the building sector

We are currently working on a large refurbishment project for a company within the building sector. The ideal project on the Ground Floor area in West Yorkshire presents a number of different partitioning systems. The unique project features both frameless glass and solid partitioning modules to form spacious offices and a corridor area.

Partitioning office in West Yorskhire

BS 00-A-13 Greyfriar framework

To form part of the spacious offices we are installing solid paritioning. The solid partitioning framework in BS 00-A-13 Greyfriar will work in addition to the existing partitioning which is also in the same framework detail.

Refurbishment works underway.
Greyfriar framework to form spacious office areas.
Solid partition office in West Yorkshire.

Frameless glass

By incorporating frameless glass within refurb will ensure the area is kept light and open. We will be installing 10mm toughened glass with manifestation detail applied in Opal Frost. The element making this project truly unique is the glass door. Rather than installing a frameless glass door in conjunction to the frameless glass panels, the door will be sat within an aluminum door frame. Just as the manifestation detail will be applied to glass walls we will also be applying this to the door. To give the doors the finishing touch we will be installing back to T handles in Satin Stainless Steel finish.

Tivoli flooring tiles

Once the partitioning works are complete we will be laying carpet tiles from the Burmatex range Tivoli. The carpet tiles in Tenerife black will work well in partnership with the BS 00-A-13 Greyfriar framework, and offer a complementary feel the area. By laying Tivoli carpet tiles with its improved construction will give our client a hard-wearing and heavy duty area of flooring.

Further blog posts to follow as this exciting project continues…