Benefits of an office breakout area

Why have an office breakout area?

Having an office breakout area within your working environment can both maximise staff moral and productivity. This simple yet effective area within your office can transform the day to running’s of your business.

Case Study using glass partition walls in Bradford
  • Offers a quiet and comfortable place for staff during the working day.
  • Employees can relax, eat their lunch and take a break form their work.
  • By law employees must be given regular breaks when working at computer screens, a breakout area is the perfect place for time-out.
  • Employees performance may improve.

How to create an office breakout area…

There are may ways in which an office breakout can be created;

  • If you have a large office kitchen space, why not utilise this space and fit a table and chairs for employees to eat.
  • Ensure the area makes the most of the natural light.
  • Offer soft seating and comfortable furniture for staff.
  • Ensure the area is cool by installing an air-conditioning system.
17 - The office Kitchen area also has a breakfast bar installed, we also fitted data points to allow internet access for staff during breaksFeature wall in reception area.