Factory Refurbishment in Leeds

Leeds factory during refurbishmentOur large Factory Refurbishment in Leeds is now complete. Utilising Rodley Interiors refurbishment services we provided our client with with;

  • Full painting works
  • New flooring works including vinyl and carpet
  • Electrical works
  • Heating works
  • Full builders clean

Due to how vast and open plan the area is ensuring the space looked clean and fresh was imperative. Our decoration works included fine filling as required to the external brickwork walls and applying emulsion.

Using a clean and clinical colour ensured the area looked new and inviting.

Works underway for Leeds refurbishment

To the spacious area we laid Duraflor’s Checkstar Dayspring carpet tile.  The multi-functional tile is ideal for heavy commercial use. We could guarantee our client had high quality flooring laid that was kept within budget. The attractive blue tile mirrored the factory’s blue steel work above.

We also laid entrance barrier matting in blue working in co-ordination with the main office area. In addition we also laid non-slip vinyl to Kitchen area, corridor area and toilets.

Electrical and Heating

For the electrical and heating works we;

  • Supplied, fitted and commissioned a new fire alarm system.
  • Fitted new double sockets.
  • Fitted office heaters.



Completing the project

To finish off the factory refurbishment we carried out a full builders clean including cleaning the bottom of the rafters.

Large open plan factory transformed