Free-standing office partitioning

Free-standing 75mm partitionsWe have recently completed a large partitioning project to create modern and secluded treatment rooms for a new client in Birmingham.

Both privacy and an aesthetic appeal were equally important to our client  who specialise in approaches to both male and female hair loss.

With such a specialised and unique service our client provides following their specification was imperative to ensure the running’s of the business went hassle free.

Specifically installing free-standing office partitioning we were able to form private areas for clients  where they can speak openly and feel comfortable when they have treatments scheduled.

Why we installed free-standing office partitioning…

  • Free standing partitioning suits any workplace whether this be a warehouse area or an office.
  • They can still be constructed of plasterboards with styles and finishes as any other office divider.
  • Glass partitioning can be installed within the partition just as a full height dividing wall.
  • The flow of air isn’t restricted from the air conditioning units within the ceiling grid.

Treatment rooms formed by office partitioning
75mm office partitioning irmingham
Office walnut doors

Additional works

In addition to the above during this project we also installed;

  • Frameless glass partitioning system.
  • Full height Walnut door sets with specialised vision panels.
  • Double glazed windows.

Full case study to follow including before and after images, additional works and how we dealt with on site challenges…