Major benefits of installing glazed office partitions

Glass office partitions have become increasingly popular in contemporary workplaces, with their modern and stylish appearance complemented by a wide range of other advantages. Heightened privacy, noise reduction capabilities and a stylish look are some of the many features glazed office partitions offer but, there are many more.

P10001871Rodley Interiors, based in Leeds, have been commissioned to install glass partitions within offices and have developed a reputation for being experts within this area of office redevelopment. Below, our experienced team discuss some of the major advantages adding glass partition walls can have on your office environment.

One of the common reasons for adding any sort of partitioning, glass or other material, is for privacy. A partition is defined as something used to separate a space into two parts and thus, partitions are widely used to segregate off areas and give more privacy. Using glass partitioning can give the same noise privacy, but because it is not opaque it does not give complete freedom regards sight. To combat this, glazing can be tinted or coloured to provide partially obstructed viewing.

P1000174However, glass partitions offer other major benefits due to their translucent nature. The natural properties of glass help to disperse the natural light throughout the workplace. This is best represented in offices with windows on just one side as the sunlight can filter through the glass and throughout the building. This can offer considerable financial savings on artificial lighting and natural light is proven to enhance employer’s wellbeing and health.

Glass partitions are more effective at preventing sound travel and reducing noise pollution between offices spaces. Double glazed glass is the most effective material at preventing noise pollution travel as well as being see through.

Glass as a material is synonymous with modern and stylish interior living and gives a great initial impression regarding class and professionalism. Using it in your office can attract visitors and become a talking point.