How can you use office partitioning to improve company productivity?

Partitioning can help improve company productivityIn the modern day era where people work longer hours, worry more about work and have more and more demands from the top, it is often forgotten that many of us quite like some of the tasks we have in our job.  Such are these demands, we can often feel pressurised into working longer, but at the detriment to productivity. In other words, we work longer and do less.  Did you know however, that it could be your office that is contributing to these feelings and a simple change to your office space or environment could significantly improve the level of your work?

Open offices which eliminate barriers have been popular but as companies expand and diversify, which is the modern way, too much background noise can significantly reduce concentration levels. A strategically placed office partition, which is proven to minimize sound transfer can give you areas in your office of focus, and if you wanted, help to differentiate between teams in your company.

The creation of small places for thinking, or small meeting rooms has also proved popular for the companies that 90% of the time want to be open planned, but at times must have behind-closed-doors meetings.

The benefits of office partitioning can also be used to improve the natural lighting in an office space. An increase in natural light is proven by doctors to improve your health and boost energy levels, which has a positive impact on your working state. Glass office partitions help to disperse light from a window throughout the office space, and in working environments where there are not many windows, this can be much more beneficial than using artificial lighting which whilst provides light, does not create a boost of energy or inspire.

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