How can partitioning benefit an office?

The use of partitioning in an open office space can be highly effective in terms of improving its layout and functionality. Partitions are becoming increasingly popular for 12498779_10153332070346161_2108938152_nestablishing modern and attractive work environments whilst maintaining privacy and adding structure to the space.

Ideal if a business is in the early stages of their
growth, the use of partitions/partitioning are incredibly practical and cost effective when compared to building permanent walls. In recent years the style and design of a partition has been developed far beyond carbon fibre boards. Contemporary office partitions can now be installed in a very quick manner, whilst their robust design means they are able to last for many years. Modern partitions are available in a range of different types; from curved glass partitions to floor-to-ceiling solid partitions. Selecting the right style partition depends on several contributing factors such as the importance of exits and entrances in the layout of the office space, as well as its flow and functionality.

Furthermore, partitions provide privacy to employees and help to keep office noise at a minimum. Additionally, they divide large open office spaces between employees so each member of staff is given their own personal space to work.

P10001871Each separate style of partition has a different design function. For instance, glass partitions create the impression of open space and increase the use of natural light within an office. Whereas, timber or aluminium partitions are used for clear separation of space whilst maintaining style. The great benefit of office partitions is that they can be easily moved or re-arranged, unlike a brick all, as they have no structural fixings.

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