Working as a Principal Contractor

Principal Contractor for an existing client

As well as providing office partitioning for a number of companies across Yorkshire, for some larger project, Rodley Interiors work as the Principal contractor, managing the whole solution.

During the past year, we have been a principal contractor on the following project: Adare in Huddersfield

3d visual for office refurbsihment

As a Principal Contractor, it is Rodley Interiors role to coordinate every aspect of the project from initial idea through to sourcing equipment, people and the management of the whole process, ensuring it is finished within the agreed timescales. As part of the process Rodley Interiors have also created 3d visuals and 2d renders to present to our client giving our client a full overview of the project.

Compliance with Health and Safety

Rodley Interiors also have to establish all health and safety issues which may arise and work in accordance to the highest of industry standards. This includes managing the co-operation between those working on the site so that all works are completed without creating danger.

As with all projects there is an area of flexibility within any plan and things will not run as smooth as set out, and thus our team have gained the experience to understand how to effectively plan works so that if one thing takes longer and there are unexpected findings, the project can still make progress.

Office refurbishment moodboardCustomer Care

Our works also include the regular meetings with site managers and company directors to ensure they are fully briefed on any aspect of change in their area. This then guarantees their satisfaction at the end of the project, and irons out any issues they may have whilst we are doing the works.

Should you be considering completely redeveloping an area in your office, to allow you to grow as a company, or create a more professional meeting room on site and require either one of our products, our or contract expertise, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our team today. We have worked with a number of Yorkshire based companies across Leeds, Huddersfield and Wakefield in the recent years, helping them to achieve a more professional office environment.