Is Your Open Planned Office Negatively Affecting Your Work Productivity?

Recent reports have shown that more than half of employees prefer a private work space, as it appears that employees working in an open-plan office often experience too many distractions to work effectively.

Research carried out by the British office equipment company Expert Market has found that 54% of workers would prefer to work in their own space to better concentrate on their work. 65% said that lack of natural light also impacts their work environment a great deal.

In a statement from Expert Market, they said: “Employees reported that the open-plan design of many offices encouraged a negative sense of competition between staff and a hostile working environment that pitted colleagues against each other.”

According to their findings, having peace and quiet to focus on work was the top quality listed of things which could improve employees’ working day the most.

These results can be supported by research published recently by office furniture specialists Steelcase and researching company IPSOS, which researched the effectives of insufficient privacy in the workplace and concluded that it was a worldwide problem. The survey of 10,500 workers established that over 85 per cent of employees were unhappy with their office environment and struggled to concentrate. Respondents were reportedly losing up to 86 minutes per day to distractions and the figures show over 31% had to leave their open planned offices to complete their work due to lack of private space.

Open office area ready for refurbishment
Open plan office area


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