Top reasons to update and refurb your office

There are many reasons to consider updating/refurb your office on a regular basis. Offices have changed dramatically in the last three decades, with an old style office lacking personality and looking very similar to all competitors.

Employees have now begun to realise that a brighter or modern office can have many benefits to productivity, morale and much more. Common changes over this time are listed below:

Office needing refurbishment
  • Open areas for creativity to help provide enthusiasm and fun whilst at work.
  • Carefully designed workspaces which are tailored for specific tasks such as creative zones or private meeting rooms.
  • Open team areas with free standing partitioning for the open planned, but also private, feel.



So with these changes, what have they actually done for the companies who have implemented them?

Increased Productivity

Any change to your office needs to made with productivity in mind. The last thing you want to do is create an environment where no-one wants to work. Seek help from professionals and your current employees as to what they would like their spaces to include and see if you can match their desires. A happy workforce will help to improve work production.

Improve first impressions

A bright welcoming space will set a great first impression with any clients or new prospects. By investing in your office, you can use manifestation on glass to showcase brand awareness and set the right tone for any new customer. Not only will this set the tone of the meeting, and perhaps a talking point, you will also break down lots of barriers with new customers.

Help grow your business

By making your workforce happier and improvising your first impression to prospects, you have a superb opportunity to grow your business and make more profit. People will want to work in environments which are fun and for an employer that looks after the employees. A little bit of investment now could well be recouped in monetary value hundreds of times over.

Open area ready for refurbishment
Refurbished office area

So, if you haven’t changed your office since the mid 1990’s, now might the time to do so and reap all the above benefits. At Rodley Interiors, we have helped businesses across Yorkshire, including Leeds, York and Wakefield, update their workspaces.

For more information about any of our refurbishment packages, as well as how we can use office partitioning to help you create the zones you want, please call us on 0113 281 95 95.