What style of partitioning offers the best sound reduction qualities?

Many of us in the workplace revel in having a quiet place to think and work, and have need of an area to hold private meetings and discussions. When building partitioning to create office spaces  soundproofing levels and reducing noise travel between is an important factor.

Over the years during site consultations this is the question we always get asked, ‘what style of partitioning offers the best sound reduction qualities?’ For this we have years of experience and knowledge to offer. Our clients have every right to pick our brains on this and ensure we are installing partitions that offer high levels of performance.

Here’s our top partitioning systems that you should be installing in your office and why…

  • Double glazed frameless glass partitioning

If you are looking for both high aesthetics and good sound reduction qualities then this is the partitioning system for you. With minimum framed sections and large quantities of glass this allows for unobstructed vision. The glass can either be 10mm thick or 12mm thick depending on the height of your ceiling level and offer acoustic performance of up to 47 dB (Rw).

Double glazed frameless glass with good sound reduction qualities
75mm-100mm soundproofed office
Sound proof double glazed office

This popular system can feature both glass and solid partitions, so you can get the best of both worlds. To boost the acoustic performance the solid partitioning modules can feature 2 soundproof boards clad around the studwork, ensuring maximum sound reduction performance. To increase the sound reduction qualities even further 100mm insulation acoustic quilt can be fitted between the slab of plasterboards, along with insulation that can be laid above the suspended ceiling tiles.

If you like many of our clients are looking for advice on the style of partitioning to suit your sound proofing needs, speak to our friendly team for free help and advice today!