The good and the bad of office partitioning

In the current market there are numerous partitioning systems and styles to suit any requirement, but some partitioning systems may not look as aesthetically pleasing as you would think. Here is our guide to the good and the bad of office partitioning, and the systems you should be installing in your office.

The good…

One of the most popular partitioning system we are continuously installing is frameless glass partitioning. This aesthetically pleasing product is so popular due to its high visual look. This modern system is quick and easy to install and ensures minimum mess and disruption to your office. With definite value for money and look of fluidity within any office area you can see why more and more offices are choosing to install this system.

The glass panels can be installed on any angle, position and height giving you real flexibility and choice on where your frameless glass partition walls will be positioned.

Modern frameless glass office in Wakefield
Framelss glass with joinery works

The bad…

Over the years office partitioning has changed dramatically, the entire look and fixings have improved. With easy install systems that are now on the market it is hard to imagine a time when these systems weren’t around. With minimum windows and yellowing partitions these systems are not what to install in your office. Everybody wishes to enjoy coming to work by installing dark and bulky partitions you can be sure to be un-inspired by your office.

Old style office partitioning
Existing partitioning
Dark and uninspiring partitioning

If you are unsure of which office partitioning system would suit your office space, or are un-inspired by your current office partitioning do not hesitate to contact our team for free help and advice today!