Lets talk about: Soundproof partitions

Soundproof partitioning with glassOne of our most popular type of project features soundproof partitioning, we are taking a look into one of our favourite soundproof case studies to show you why this is beneficial system for your office!

The large project for a financial advisory firm required specialised partitioning to suit their busy and ever-growing business. With more and more meetings being held and more staff being taken on ensuring the office area had the best acoustic qualities was imperative.100mm office partitioning

We installed new Tenon Fire and Sound 75mm for the office fronts, with 100mm office dividing walls.  In addition to the 100mm partitioning for the dividing walls, we fitted 50mm insulation slab between the cavity of the plasterboards to increase the sound attenuation.

100mm office partitioning is the ideal system for creating executive offices and meeting rooms. In addition insulation is laid above the suspended ceiling tiles to prevent sound travel between the offices.

For our client this was the perfect system, creating aesthetically pleasing office spaces with the highest sound reduction qualities, to further information on the aesthetic qualities click here.