Workspace layout and furniture trends

As we are now firmly established into 2017 we are taking a look at the latest workspace layout and office furniture developments to take a note of. In the world of office spaces and workplace layouts trends are forever changing.

The switch for this year has seen more and more office spaces take on a more open plan approach, to increase productivity and encourage a more creative environment.  The positioning of office furniture has always been imperative within the workplace, however now it’s seems even more important. Smaller office workstations can improve the quality of work where staff members can bounce ideas off each other and generate a buzz like environment. Soft seating and relaxed work areas have seen a rise in company productivity where staff feel at ease and out of a stress free environment.

Staff can feel restricted and tied down when working in one set area, allot of our clients are adopting a hot desk approach where any member of staff can hop to a workstation and carry out their works effectively.

In any working day staff need an area they can relax away from their work in a comfortable refreshment area. Collaborating both a relaxed seating space and the office kitchen provide staff with optimum area to both re-fuel and re-energise for the rest of the day.

Each office space is usually home to meeting room and boardroom areas, now we are seeing and installing these areas in glass. Glass partitioning creates the feel of an open plan space whilst still providing practical office division. The glass enables a feel of unity between staff and management, encouraging a happier environment. Glass partitioning is modern yet robust, and is appreciated by both staff and clients.

If you are deciding to move office and thinking about what would be best for your business, we have seen more and more of our clients choosing buildings that bring the rural feel inside. Refurbished barns, outbuildings and offices with greenery around create a happier and fulfilling environment. With a number of external windows and glass partition walls to maximise on the natural light available can create the most inspiring workplace and increase company revenue.

If your workspace layout is in need of an overhaul, let us guide you the process to create the most practical and inspiring place to work.