Office Suspended Ceilings

A new office suspended ceiling can transform any workspace, making the office look brighter, fresher and add install appeal.

Not only do office suspended ceilings have aesthetic benefits they can also be energy efficient and have fantastic sound reduction qualities.Over the years we have installed numerous ‘false’ or suspended ceilings for our clients which have renewed the look of their office. Stained and yellow office suspended ceiling tiles add dis-appeal to the workspace, look dark and un-professional. By simply changing this one element of an office can change the way a potential client or customer view your business.

Office suspended ceilings are very economical and may not cost as much as you think to install. With the upkeep and maintenance minimal it is a sure fire way to keep your office looking fresher for longer, whilst keeping the costs down.

If you are wanting to reduce lighting costs, a new suspended ceiling can help. Our ceilings are light reflective and act as usable light onto worksurfaces. Not only that they can improve natural light in an office making it easier to read and use computers.

Our suspended ceilings are not only in a modular grid style, but can be of a MF Plasterboard, or Metal pan finish suiting any specific requirement and any office space.

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