How safe is your glass office partitioning?

Glass office partitioning is a popular and well-sought after choice of material used to create office spaces.

Not only is this an attractive product, this system if installed correctly is safe and practical for any office. Over the years we have visited numerous offices with existing glass partitioning installed that is not safe and poses a hazard to staff due it not meeting current Health and Safety regulations. The glass office partitioning systems we install comply with Health and Safety and are robust to accommodate busy workspace.

We install safety glass office partitioning which is either laminate, toughened or fire rated to suit any specific requirement. If the glass were to be break the safety glass would not shatter only crack and stay in position within the framework due to its special interlayer. Our toughened glass partitioning is ideal for office areas with high ceiling levels, as this stays sturdy and in position from the floor level to the ceiling. The toughened glass is heat treated to increase its strength, if the glass were to break it would shatter into small pieces rather than dangerous large office partitioning

One requirement for any glass partitioning is to ensure it can be easily seen within the office, with the glass being a translucent product it is easy for this to blend in within the office interior. Any glass partitioning we install will be fitted with DDA compliant window manifestation. We can install either standard 50mm dots or squares or we can install window film to any specific design.

All glass partitioning fitted within an office should have a kite mark visible. The kite mark should be standard on any laminate or toughended glass product which will highlight the specification details.

Things to consider…

  • Does your glass partitioning have a Kite mark visible?
  • Is your glass complete with DDA compliant window manifestation?
  • Are you sure your glass is toughened to accommodate a high ceiling level?

If you are unsure whether your glass will need to be changed to comply with current regualtions do not hesitate to contact us today for help advice and a free quotation service.