Simple changes to update your office space

Is your office in need of modernisation, but can’t afford a full refurbishment? We can help.A number of clients have chosen Rodley Interiors to update their space using  these simple tricks which give the illusion a newly refurbished office…


Office blinds can look tired and stained after years of use, along with being bleached from the sun. By simply updating your offices external blinds will make the area look fresh and clean. We offer a full range of window blinds to suit any requirement including, part shaded or full shaded depending on how much light you require.


Yellow and dark lights will make any office space look un-inviting and be un-inspiring for staff. Our range of LED lights will transform and brighten up the space, ideal for rooms with low amounts of natural light.


Believe or not office whiteboards have a dramatic effect on how an office looks. Marked and dis-coloured boards look un-appealing and can look un-professional. Office whiteboards are prominant in any office and cover most walls. By fitting glass whiteboards these look modern do not disccolour and can be wiped down with ease.

Update your office spce