The appearance of the office workspace does matter

Trying to attract new workers, impress clients and keep existing staff happy can be a great task. Research has shown the appearance and overall feel of the office workspace can dramatically effect on sales and staff turnover.

With many new staff (one in two) saying they would turn down a position within a company if they didn’t like the office interior it is clear the office workspace has to be inviting and inspiring. Research has shown lack of natural light in the office workspace will deter workers, so ensuring your office space is bright and open is essential to impress all. In addition many workers have stated that an office that has dated and tired furniture is also a big no-no.

In line with the latest research there are a number of things you can do improve the appearance of your office, here are our top tips and advice to retain staff and excite potential new workers.

What we can do to improve your office workspace…

Glass, glass and more glass is an easy way to brighten your office and will change the appearance of the space dramatically. At Rodley Interiors we have a dedicated team of office glass partitioning installers that will be able to assess your space and install the right glass system to suit the area. All of our glass partitioning systems are easy on the eye and can brighten the darkest of office spaces.

Furniture can play a big part on how others perceive your business. Over the years we have visited many offices where furniture is not only mis-matched but broken, which looks un-appealing and un-professional. Some may think office furniture isnt a good investment, think again as this is. Good office furniture is sustainable and will last you years, saving you the cost of changing your furniture on a regular basis. Our office furniture is made to order and come with an comprehensive 5 year guarantee.

We can provide many other office refurbishment services to improve your office space, do not hesitate to give our dedicated team a call today on 0113 2819595 for help and advice.