Office Partitioning for the modern day workplace

Over the years trends in office interiors have changed dramatically, gone are the days of drab and uniform looking office spaces. We are now seeing workplaces that highlight a company’s ethos, style and show flair. It is has now become a well-known fact that layout, colour and material of office partitioning plays a huge factor in ensuring staff and client happiness.

Office partitioning has come along away in terms of what is now popular and what is not. Partitioning systems are now sleeker and more refined. There are numerous office partitioning systems now available on the market to suit any specific budget or requirement giving people more choice when it comes to their office interiors.  We visit many tired and dated offices that are screaming out for an update and in some cases a full partitioning overhaul. Often the office partitioning is bulky and yellowing, and doesn’t tie in with a company’s professionality.

Today’s workplace features office partitioning that boasts high aesthetic appeal whilst having an advanced technical specification. For example a frameless glass partitioning not only has a contemporary and perfect clear finish it can also be manufactured to a certain specification. This is anything from Fire Rated frameless glass where the offices needs to be compliant with Health and Safety, or acoustic frameless glass where sound travel between offices is to be avoided, enable businesses to gain the most from their office partitioning.

Striking a contrast between materials a modern workplace will see wood veneered doors fitted in conjunction with clear glass. The combination of these 2 polar opposite materials is unique and draws in the eye. Highly visible natural lines and streaks in the wood veneer are a popular choice on office doors adding a real feature to the workplace. Office doors also no-longer need to be of standard height, floor to ceiling level doors look professional and very up-market.

Colour can effect mood, work ethos and a general feel of well-being. Bright and eye-catching glass window films manufactured in colour can instantly transform an office and are seen more and more in today workspace. This simple addition of manifestation applied to office glass can get rid of the need for bulky window blinds and allows for an attractive way to create privacy.

If your office space in behind the times and in need over an office partitioning overhaul please do not hesitate to contact our experienced team today.