Office partitioning works commence for Yorkshire Solicitors

Office Partitioning for Yorkshire workplaceOffice Partitioning

Works have commenced this week for a South Yorkshire Solicitors firm at their Doncaster branch. The project includes a full office refurbishment along with new office partitioning to create functional areas for staff.

Using SIG’s  partitioning system Tenon Fire & Sound with the framework in a Grey finish the new offices spaces will have high acoustic benefits, and have appeailing aesthetic qualities.

The works are already well underway with our expercienced team erecting the framework structure in preperation for the solid and glass modules. We are using a half height glass partitioning system which is ideal for a Solicitors firm where some privacy may be required. The glazed office partitioning will allow for a high level of natural light to flood into the offices, which can then be adjusted to suit individual requirements with integral blinds. We will also be installing solid partitioning modules for a fully private finish.

Choosing the right partitioning system…

For our client choosing the right partitioning system to suit their working style and business needs was important. We chose to install Tenon Fire & Sound in 75mm for a number of reasons;

  • The system has good acoustic quailties to keep sensitive discussions confidential to staff and other clients.
  • The aluminium framework is attractive on the eye and works well in most professional workspaces.
  • This system allows for glass to be installed at any requirement,  for this project we chose half height glass to allow for some privacy.
  • The partitioning can be wiped down and cleaned, reducing the chance the partitioning will need updating which is ideal for a company who plan on staying in the same office .

If you like a client are based in Yorkshire and are looking to partition your workspace do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call today and see how we can help you.