Office partitioning to add privacy to open plan spaces

Open plan workspaces without office partitioning can allow for great collaboration or be un-productive.

Many business’s choose an open plan office in the hope it will generate business, get staff communicating and create a buzz like atmosphere. In many offices this is the case, but these buzz like environments can also be un-productive and noisy. We all like a quiet space to go and think and be able to concentrate especially in a busy working day. By creating separate areas to hold meeting’s, have important discussions and have individual breakout and soft seating spaces for staff will improve productivity and add privacy.

The first thing to consider is the layout of the space, where do your partitions need to go? How many separate offices space do you need? The positioning of office partitioning is crucial to ensure you get the most from your office. The next thing to consider is the material. There are numerous office partitioning systems on the market, one for any requirement.  A popular choice for many offices is glass office partitioning. Our glass partitioning can be installed in 2 options; Frameless glass partitioning  and Framed glass partitioning. Both of these options can create privacy within the office with the use of window manifestation or integral blinds. There are many other office partitioning systems on the market to help divide any office space and will suit any requirement.

We have helped many clients within Leeds and the West Yorkshire area to add privacy to their open plan space, if you are looking for help and advice on this then do not hesitate to give your friendly team a call today on 0113 2819595.