Single glazed partitioning works begin for Leeds security systems firm

Rodley Interiors have commenced works on a new project installing single glazed partitioning to a top floor Leeds office space. The project which will create a Kitchen area, Store room and comms room, Boardroom area and 3 office spaces.  The majority material that we will be using on this project will be single glazed partitioning. The top floor boasts a tonne of natural light and a glass partitioning system will accentuate the natural available.

With research now showing that office spaces need to be both functional and health concious to keep staff motivated it is now even more important that office partitioning suits your business needs. Office built of a solid structure are becoming a thing of past with more and more of our customers wanting a glass partitioning system in their workplace.

Employers are becoming increasingly aware that the health and well-being of their staff members is the main factor when it comes to employment. A light and open workspace can improve productivity, keep staff happy and also encourage people to want to work for your company. If the interiors of the office space are up to date and inviting employees will work harder, be more productive and creative and also stay longer within a company.

Just like our Leeds client has chosen installing single glazed partitioning system can create a modern and open office division.  The glass panels are sat within a sleek looking aluminum framework which can come in a range of RAL colours each of which will complement any workspace. If privacy is required but you still would like a single glazed partitioning sysytem within your office, a manifestation window film can be applied. The film applied directly onto the glass panes and can be manufactured to any design or specification.

Single glazed partitioning ready to be installed
Single glazed partitioning

If you like our client in Leeds are looking to accomodate a glass partitioning system within your office then do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call today on 0113 2819595. Or, if you are curious to how much a glass partitioning system costs then why not take a look at our glass partitioning calculator for more information…  Glass Partitioning Calculator