Wakefield partitioning works begin in old fire station

Rodley Interiors Ltd have been requested by a company in Wakefield to install new office partitioning to create office spaces and a boardroom space. The works which are over 2 floors will feature a range of partitioning materials from double glazed partitions to a moveable wall.

The structures of the rooms are now built and our client can now envisage how the space will look. The studworks and aluminium framework has been erected to the layout plans devised, and space has been cleverly manipulated to suit our clients requirements. The Wakefield partitioning project features 5 sizeable offices spaces and a large boardroom area.

Wakefield partitioning As the space was previously used as an old fire station the area had a high ceiling level and a generous amount of free space. A large area such as this enables our clients to utilise the space to its maximum potential and make each room as big or small as they require.

For this project the partitioning will be a double glazed system, to keep noise travel to a minimum. The glass element of the works will maximise on light and allow the area to appear much lighter and brighter. Once the glazing has been installed  a banded manifestation film will be applied which will add privacy but also look stylish and modern.

In addition to the glass element of the project we will also be installing a moveable wall. By installing a movable wall on this Wakefield partitioning project will allow our client to determine the level of privacy they require in the office. Our moveable walls offer the entire package, made from good quality materials and guaranteed to stay as robust for years as the day it was installed are ideal for any office space that can be transformed in minutes.  A moveable wall is the most flexible system can divide or open up any space with ease.Once the partitioning works are completed we will also be installing a new suspended ceiling throughout.

If you like are our client are based in Wakefield and are looking to install office partitioning to your office space then do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call today on 0113 2819595.

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