Simple tips to create a comfortable workspace

As an employer ensuring your workspace is comfortable and inviting for staff not only boosts moral but can increase productivity. There a few a simple tips we tell our customers to help create a enviable workplace…

1.Brighten up the space.

If your office space lacks natural light, installing adequate artifical lighting will act just as well for a mood booster. Now with LED lighting offices are brighter and if installed correctly look modern and professional. A few of our clients are now installing feature lighting adding a striking feature to the office.

2.  Update the decor.

Each client of ours has their own indiviual taste so it is difficult to say what the ideal office interior should look like. An office should feel welcoming and the interiors should reflect a home from home office. Warm and natural tones on the walls and the flooring create a calming feel.

3. Organise files and paperwork.

Many offices are packed to the rafters with paperwork, a simple way to get round this is office storage walls. Manufatured to any specific requirement, our storgae walls will mould in arounf your office decor and become a valuable asset when keeping any office organised.

4. Invest in new office furniture.

Broken arms and castors on office chairs are the common in any office. Furniture is the last thing employers want to spend money on, however investing on new quality funiture can allow for a happy workplace. Ergonomic seating and new desks that are built to the righ.t height will mean staf are more comfortable and happy when working.

5. Regulate the temperature

Getting the office to the correct temperature to suit every staff member can be tricky. By installing a good quilaity heating and cooling system can at leatst give you a heads start. Our air-conditioning and heating units will allow you to regaulate the temperature with ease.