The simple installation of glass walls can change your office dynamic

Many office spaces we visit are an ‘open plan style’ with multiple teams and departments working closely together. Although you may feel the dynamic of your open plan office is working well, what do your staff think? Is the open plan style effecting their work? Do they have enough personal space to think? Are you getting the most out of your staff?

In some instances an open plan office may have a negative effect on the daily runnings of a business. We see many clients who quite rightly want to make the most use of the space and fill the area with as many workers as possible. However, cramming staff onto one floor space without putting provisions in place to separate teams or departments could have a detrimental effect. Offices can be noisy and un-productive.

Sometimes the simple installation of glass partitioning could overcome these issues, here are our reasons why…

  • A glass office partition is not as obstructive as a solid wall, light and visibility will still be at its optimum.
  • The glass partitioning we install is streamline, non-bulky and fits within any office interior.
  • The partition can be as long or short as you like and can be built open-ended.
  • The almost floating effect of the glass will not hinder the open feel space and will reflect light.
  • Manifestation films can be applied to glass, giving it that feel of individuality and flare.
  • Even the smallest of partitions, will effectively separate teams or departments without staff feeling they are too segregated.

Glass partitioning systems are simply built and cost effective to install. Our team of specialist installers can help your office dynamic today, and talk you through how to make the best use of your space. Our latest client did just that and has installed an open-ended style glass partitioning to divide teams within the large floor space.

If you like our clients are looking to utilise your space and get the most out of your staff take a look at our glass installs for inspiration…