Benefits of a Jumbo Stud Wall

A jumbo stud wall is a popular choice when creating floor to ceiling height divisions within warehouse or industrial spaces. In most cases a warehouse or industrial space has  an exceptionally high ceiling level. Our jumbo stud partitions can be built to any height or width and to suit any requirement.

The metal stud provides a framework that is sturdy and robust and allows for plasterboard to be fixed on with ease. In addition if insualtion is fixed to the underside of the plasterboard allows for maximum sound retention. A partition like this is simple in construction and can fitted in and around existing ceiling beams and supports.When the plasterboards are fitted in a staggered effect allows for the fire and sound rating to be at its maximum.

Our latest warehouse project featured a large jumbo stud wall with plasterboards fixed in a staggered effect. The plasterboards then had a tape and fill finish, for a smooth level surface. A smooth surface such as this enables any client to finish the wall off as they choose. A number of clients choose a apply a wall mural, a mural can be designed to any design and can make a striking feature to any warehouse area.

Our jumbo partition walls are cost-effective, allow for maximum sound and heat retention and are practical solution to divide any large warehouse area. For more information on the construction of our jumbo stud walls or if you are looking for this product within your warehouse space then do not hesitate to give our team a call today on 0113 2819595.