Demountable frameless glass partitioning used on ITV drama set

Demountable frameless glass partitioning shapes ITV drama set

‘Adorable’ was the brief of the office space on ITV’s drama set for ‘Girlfriends’, and that brief was delivered with install of our demountable frameless glass partitioning.

Rodley Interiors were commissioned to carry out a new office fit out project with a difference, with our products used on the set of the ITV drama ‘Girlfriends’. The set was an office space for the magazine ‘Adorable’ and our products needed to mirror the elegant and modern feel the set designers were trying to create.

When deciding on which partitioning system to install, there were a few things to consider. Which system would mirror the feel of the magazine? How could we maximise on light? How could we maximise on space? Demountable frameless glass partitioning was the perfect system to install. The space already had a generous amount of natural light, this glass partitioning product not only maximised on natural light but looked effortless and suited the look the set designers had envisaged.

Due to this being a television set, the partitioning we installed needed to be on a temporary basis so it could be removed from the set once filming was complete. Due to the narrow channel of the frameless glass, when taken down would leave minimal disruption to the floor and ceiling.

Demountable frameless glass partitioning is a mess-free and simple system to install. The opening space is first measured and then the glass is manufactured to suit the opening size exactly. This glazing partitioning system doesn’t need to necessarily need to be installed in a straight run, for this project we fitted the glass sections on and angle. This created an architectural feel corner office and added an element of style to the space.

Once filming had completed and the programmed had aired, we then returned the set to take down the frameless glass and return the space back to its original state. Take a look at our project case study here, for more information and finished project photos on this elegant and unique television set…  Project case study

Office fit out and design
Office fit out and design