Banded manifestation film creates privacy to glass offices

Rodley Interiors are underway with another glass office partitioning project within West Yorkshire. Our glass office partitioning on this project was floor to ceiling height within a framed partitioning system.

A glass partitioning system such as this allows for maximum light into any office space however if privacy is required manifestation applied to glass is the ideal option. A banded manifestation film such as this allows for almost full privacy whilst still reaping the benefits of the glazing system.

A banded manifestation film is easily applied and cost-effective to purchase. The film can also be removed from the glass if required. To comply with health and safety and DDA requirements  glass partitioning such as this has to feature some manifestation, to allow for the glass panels to be easily seen.

The glass on this project formed a number of office and meeting rooms spaces alongside an open plan office. Glazing panels sat within a framework such as this have a high specification in terms of sound travel and fire rating qualities.