Choosing the right Office Flooring

When carrying out an Office Fit Out or Office Refurbishment project the choice of office flooring will play a big part. Office flooring needs to blend both eye-catching aesthetics with functionality. For main office spaces where there is heavy footfall a quality durable carpet tile, will be sustainable, not shows signs of wear of tear and ultimately be cost effective.

Low level loop carpet tiles are an ideal product for a busy office environment. The low level loop can stand high amounts of pressure and footfall before the signs of wear and tear begin to show.  The ranges and designs of office carpet tiles are endless, with a real diverse range in colours and patterns. In many office spaces the design of office flooring has real aesthetic appeal; by using multi-functional tiles a design can be created to suit any vision you might have for your office.

Now we are seeing more and more office spaces using splashes of bright colour in there carpet tiles that mirror the company colours and theme. Gone are the days of tired and dull looking office floors.

Not overlooking other areas of the office such as the kitchen or restrooms, there is a wide range of office flooring options to suit these spaces. From vinyl to laminate flooring which will suit any design or specification.

Laminate flooring can offer the look of hardwood, tile or even stone flooring. The product is constructed in layers and designed to resist warping from moisture which is ideal for a busy office kitchen where spillages might be made. Typically laminate flooring features a thick coating to protect from scratches and daily wear and tear which reduces the need to replace the flooring after time.

Now office flooring manufacturers are pro-actively looking at how its products can reduce the impact on the environment, by using recycled nylons yarns in allot of new collections.

For more information on the office flooring we install during our Office Fit Out and Refurbishment project then do not hesitate to give us a call today.