Why choose glass partitioning for your business?

Initially, you might be wary about spending your money on what can be misconstrued as just a piece of glass, but that’s before you’ve learned the benefits that a glass office partition can bring to your office.

Interior glass walls have the following advantages which make them such a popular choice amongst commercial interior designers:


Glass wall partitions allow natural light to flow freely throughout the premises, reducing lighting bills and helping to boost staff morale. Closing off distinct areas with solid materials can quickly make parts of an office gloomy and uninviting.


One of the main reasons open-plan offices became popular was that company bosses believed if everyone could see one another then staff would feel more part of a team and work more productively as a result. Glass achieves the same effect while still offering everyone their own space, and because lines of sight are open, the work environment feels roomier and less imposing.

Sound insulation

One of the drawbacks of the open-plan office model is noise – with everyone sharing the same open space, excessive sound can be a problem. Some people just cannot work effectively with the distraction. Glass solves that problem by allowing enclosed, quiet areas to be created without boxing people in completely.


Glass office partitions are made in a modular fashion out of single glass panels, so it’s very easy to create different shaped spaces and configure the partitions in different ways.


Glass is a readily available and cost-effective material. It’s also straightforward to install and takedown, saving considerably on building costs, especially when it comes to redesigning a space.

full height partitioning in a curve
Acoustic glass office partitioning
Frameless glass office partitioning

Reducing electricity bills is just one way that glass office partitions are a cost-effective solution for the office. The other being the way we can easily install them into a room with minimum disruption. The beauty of glass office partitions is how they’re so simple yet effective when it comes to office refurbishment – they can be assembled and disassembled in no time and require no structural modifications. This is great if you’re thinking of further expansion/reconstruction in the future, as they can be easily taken down and moved without an issue. Additionally, if you ever decide to move offices, you can take them with you – making relocation quick and easy while keeping costs down.

If you’re looking for an innovative way of creating a separate working area, while providing your employees with the benefits of open working and spacious environments, glass walls could be the answer you’re looking for, please give our friendly team a call on 0113 2819595.