COVID-19 and the return to the office

With many companies due to re-open after the Covid19 pandemic, it poses the question how safe can the office environment be? Understandably many employers will be hesitant about the re-opening of the workplace but here at Rodley Interiors we can assist with the transition back to work keeping staff and visitors safe. Firstly, with a number of staff members used to the safety of there own four walls when working from home, understandably employers will be asking ‘how can my staff feel safe when back at work’?

Here is how we can help you get your business back up and running keeping everyone in the workspace safe.

Office Reconfiguration

As predicted open plan office spaces may pose more of a risk, many companies have chosen an open plan work space to allow for fluidity between teams and allow staff to feel more involved. However, by reconfiguring the office space this may enable staff to return in a more socially distanced and safer environment. Existing office partitioning could be relocated and reconfigured to create added individual workspaces, ensuring a level of segregation and safety.

Office Partitioning

If you are used to an open plan feel, a frameless glass partitioning system may the ideal system to create safe individual office spaces without staff feeling too enclosed. Our frameless glass partitioning systems can be built to suit any specification, and the streamline glazing allows for a barely there look.

Office walkways which will direct staff to move safely around the workspace are sure to be a popular way to ensure staff are kept safe. Our free-standing frameless glass partitioning can be built around any existing layout, and will create the perfect walkway divider. The glass panels are a certain striking way to create a safe walkway. The glazing could also be branded and guide staff how to move to the workplace safely.

Coronavirus protection screens

Our coronavirus protection screens are made using high-quality ETFE, a clear polymer film, which means these are extremely thin at around 300 microns, so won’t hinder sound. We can supply and install these protective screens, which are fire retarded, can be easily wiped down and can also incorporate company branding. These screens are ceiling hung and allow for the perfect cough and sneeze guard when staff return to work.

In addition we also have desk top screen options available, which are manufactured in 6mm glass. The glass can be easily wiped down, and provides a sturdy yet attractive option to and desk divider. We can also supply and install a full height glazing system which runs directly up the ceiling and sits on top of the desks, this option allows for optimum segregation and safety and yet again the glazing element allows for staff not to feel to enclosed.

Here are some other ways we feel you can return to the office safely…

· Air-flow- Our refurbishment services include the installation of climate control and ventilation systems which are ideal if your office space has limited windows and fresh air.

· The office kitchen and hygiene- Kitchens can notoriously spread bacteria, by installing something simple as an over counter hot water boiler in replace of an office kettle can reduce the spread of germs for a more hygenic office kitchen.

· Office Flooring- There are a number of practical yet appealing office flooring options we can install within the workplace. Our suppliers have developed safety flooring which incorporates a printed a design which staff can follow to walk safely around the office. The flooring is fitted at 2m intervals, and can feature directions along with clear arrows and can be fitted around furniture and partitioning already in situ.

Here are Rodley Interiors we appreciate the difficulites of returning to the workplace safely for more information on how you can keep safe with your workplace visit…  Safe return to work