Workplace Design that Delivers

In today’s world remote working has become a very prominent part of business. Since the lockdown businesses have viewed remote working as an essential way to keep staff safe during the pandemic. The future of all members of staff returning to the workplace may hang in the balance, however we are seeing more and more workplaces requiring the need of a re-design for the future return of staff.

In all workspaces staff well-being is a priority to promote an enjoyable and productive place to work. Now with staff used to working from the comforts of their own home, the workplace will need to adapt to enable staff to feel happy about the return to the office. Open plan workspaces may now not suit many businesses but creating individual comforting spaces might.  Emphasis has always been paid on the benefits of great breakout spaces giving staff the ability to dis-connect from the pressures of the working world, however now the emphasis on this is far greater.

Flexibility will be key for businesses with the possibility of staff working part of the working week from home and remainder in the office. We have all missed out on social interaction and returning to the office is a chance for people to re-connect. The future workplace will need to take that into account with new workplace design.

The future of workplace design may feature more breakout and relaxing spaces, softer and more welcoming interiors and more comfortable office furniture. Office partitioning will play a huge part in the re-design to adapt to changing number of staff working each day. This may be with the addition of new partitioning or by re-configuring the existing space.

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