Benefits of a Demountable Office Partitioning System

A Demountable Office Partitioning system is a flexible and cost-effective way to adapt your office.

Re-configuring the office space is becoming an increasingly popular move as staff return to the office. A demountable office partitioning system will enable you reconfigure your current layout at any point in the future and will make sure you keep costs down to a minimum whilst doing so.

If you have plans to expand your business or with today’s challenging market feel that you may need to make changes to your office then this system is the ideal choice. Demountable office partitions are easily relocatable to any other area within the workplace with minimal mess and disruption. For example if your office has a number of meeting rooms constructed close together, this system allows for these to be relocated to suit any requirement you have.

A demountable partitioning system offers excellent acoustic and visual benefits alongside other rivalling systems, it offers the most flexibility.
The system itself comes in range of visual and acoustic benefits to suit your every need. This can even include glazed demountable partitioning. The system can reach up to an acoustic performance of up to 52db and also has excellent fire performance qualities with solid panel reaching up 60 minutes fire rating. The versatility of the system also shines through as it can be constructed with any trim and vinyl colour options.

This cost-effective partitioning will ensure you have the flexibility in your workplace for years to come.

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Demountable office partitioning systemDemountable office partitioning