North Yorkshire Office Partitioning Install now complete

North Yorkshire Office Partitioning
Works are now complete on our latest North Yorkshire Office Partitioning for a new client within Harrogate.

This project is the first office partitioning install for our client who has office spaces throughout the country. Our office partitioning works have created a number of private user-friendly offices and meeting rooms. For this project we have installed new solid office partitioning which is soundproof allowing for maximum privacy between each office space. To increase the level of privacy we have also fitted new insulation above the ceiling void to reduce sound travel. Each solid partitioning module was finished in a dark grey vinyl. The vinyl applied to the walls can be easily wiped down and changed if the walls were to become marked or dented in the future.

Each office was finished with standard height Oak doors with vision panels to allow some levels of light into each office. The North Yorkshire Office Partitioning project was completed within the timescale set by our client and completed outside of normal working hours to accomadate the staff already working in the space.