Glass Partitioning systems for todays Commercial Environment

Commercial Office Glass

Commercial office interiors are changing more than ever before with many companies now fully returned to the workplace, or proposing some staff still work from home some days during the week. This major change in the way we work has affected the interior design and layout of our office spaces. We have seen an influx in the install of commercial office glass and glass partitioning systems to divide open plan spaces into small offices.

Glass Partitioning Systems

There is a number of glass partitioning systems on the market at present. A growing popular choice is Industrial Style Partitioning or Black framed partitions. This partitioning profile can now be seen in both commercial and residential properties and has a real art-deco look. The banded black partition framework can come in both double and single glazed options, frameless glass with a minimalist look and works effortlessly well with glazed doors. Industrial glazed walls will work well within a factory/industrial space and any busy office.

Each of our glass partitioning systems can be fitted to suit any specification and design and around your daily working needs. For example if your office is busy during normal working hours we can accommodate this and work outside of your normal working hours. Our glazed office partitioning systems are competitively priced and will suite any budget.

Benefits of Glass Office Partitioning

A glass office partitioning doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. There are a number of office partitioning systems that feature glazing that are cost-effective and will fit in with your budget. For example office glass doesn’t just have to be frameless glass, a 50mm or 75mm framed partitioning system works just as well. It also and attractive way to incorporate glass into the workplace. This allows for the option for the glazing to be single or double glazed. Glass partitions allow light into the space even if your workplace lacks natural light a glass partition will allow the space to feel bigger, brighter and lighter. The glass partitions can be finished in a manifestation vinyl to add privacy and incorporate your company theme.

Take a look at our glass partitioning options below;

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